​​​​​​​​​​​The Calvary Orphan Outreach Ministry is the orphan care arm of the Greater Love Ministries-Uganda. In 2010, the Calvary Orphan Outreach Ministry came alongside Pastor Sam's church to help them care for the 21 orphaned children. One of the girls (Ritah) graduated from Hotel Management school in late 2021 and has left the program fully employed at a hotel in Kampala.  All of the rest of the orphans are either in vocational school or in boarding school full-time and are only back with Pastor Sam and Prossy during school breaks.  This is due to the Ugandan government's new policy on closing orphan homes in Uganda.  

It is helpful to actually see the faces of children that have been saved from the streets of Uganda and given a second chance at life. 

Not only have these children been given a second chance at life, they have been given a second chance at attaining eternal, everlasting life through knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  The ministry staff at the church and orphan home have shown these children the great love OF Christ while at the same time instilling a deep love FOR Christ.  Our ministry has had the privilege of watching these children grow up over the past 12 years.

Moses Himaniborn 12/07/1998.  Moses is the sixth born of ten siblings. Moses was abandoned at early age (age 8 years old) when his mother and father got separated. His mother disappeared and his father fled to another country. When his mother disappeared, Moses remained with his eldest brother Daniel. However in 2010, Daniel moved to Malaba in Eastern Uganda and left Moses, aged 8 years old, by himself.  Moses started working hard to get himself food and shelter.  By God's great design Moses came to know Pastor Sam and Pastor Sam settled Moses into the orphan home.  Later on, we found out that Moses’ father died on November 20, 2014 and that Moses’ mother is alive and living in Eastern Uganda. Moses has flourished at the orphan home and he will be graduating from nursing school on December 2022. His interests are worship music, playing instruments, being creative and farming.  

Galvin Nangobi born Feb. 5, 2007 is the youngest child (12 years old) in our program.   She is a partial orphan because she has a mother, Sylvia, but Sylvia is currently ill with HIV/AIDS and cannot take care of Galvin.   Pastor Sam and his wife Prossy decided to take in Galvin  so Sylvia could concentrate on getting her health issues under control.  Galvin is currently in P7 Class at the Greater Love School.  The ministry first met Galvin and Sylvia during the April 2013 mission trip when they attended the free medical clinic held in her home village.  At that time Galvin had a baby brother named Aaron who was severely ill with various heart/respiratory problems. Pastor Sam's church and the mission team committed to getting medical care for Aaron, however  Aaron passed in January 2014.

Joan Mukite  born on June 4, 2001 in the Kidaalo Village, Mayuge District.  Joan's father died and her mother was not employed, so Joan's mom left Joan with an aunt when she went off to get married again. Her aunt lived in horrific poverty and was already caring for her five children, so she found herself unable to care for Joan. Joan had dropped out of school and lost all hope for a future with a family. When the church heard about her situation, they invited her to be a part of the home. Joan was so excited to finally have a home and a loving, supportive family. She was so excited to be able to return to school.  Joan is currently in nursing school and would like to become a doctor.  God has given back to her a roof over her head, wonderful siblings, parents who love her, and hope for her future. It's another wonderfully crafted story of God's grace and redemption.


Gerald Isikoborn August 31, 2003 in the Nakazigo Village in the Bunya District.  Shortly after he was born, his father passed away leaving his mother alone to parent 4 children.  Gerald's mother could not handle the stress and the helplessness of being a homeless mother/widow, so she abandoned the children and went away to marry again. Gerald’s older brother went to fend for himself in another city and Gerald’s two sisters were sold into marriage at the ages of 14 and 16.  Gerald went to live with his uncle who was unable to care for Gerald since he already had a large family of his own. When Gerald’s plight was brought to the attention of the orphan home in Jinja, he was severely malnourished and naked.  By God’s providence, Gerald has a new home and a large loving family with 20 new brothers and sisters.  Gerald successfully completed the S3 level at St. Peters Secondary School.

Abel Mutyababorn July 11, 2001 has been living at the orphan home since the home was built in 2008.  Abel's mother brought Abel to the orphan home after his father left the family and she found herself trying to care for 4 children on her own.  His two older brothers were old enough to leave for university and/or work and his mother kept Abel's younger sister.  Abel is a very bright, intelligent, athletic young man who seems to be a leader among the children in the program.  His father has returned to the family, so he does have  more frequent contact with his family.  Abel is currently studying catering and hotel management in vocational school.

Daniel Kyambaddeborn on August 12, 2002 in Kikondo Village, Uganda.  In 2006 Daniel's father was kidnapped and killed and his body was thrown into a lake.  This tragedy left his  family in a stressful state and misfortunes soon followed, Daniel's mother left  the children with their grandparents and went to live in another village where she later got remarried. Two years later, Daniel's mother died delivering a baby and left Daniel and his younger sister without parents. Their grandpa could no longer continue taking care of them and Daniel became very ill. When the orphan home found Daniel he was paralyzed and couldn't walk due to high blood pressure. Daniel is now completely healthy and lives at the orphan home in Jinja, but his younger sister still lives with their grandfather in the village.  He is currently in S2 level at St. Peter's Secondary School.

Anisha Namugwanyi born July 4, 2004 into an extremely poor family who lived in a small village called Iganga.  Anisha is the youngest of four children who lost their parents in 2007. Their uncle decided to take care of them for a while, but he soon realized he could not care for his nieces and nephews in addition to his own children. Since Anisha’s family was so very poor, the four kids would sometimes go without food for some days. When the orphan home staff found Anisha, she was severely malnourished and walking through the streets naked. The orphan home staff says, "We brought her to our home for care and now she is jumping in Jesus' name."  Anisha is currently in  S4 level at St. Peters Secondary School.


Shamim Nassoloborn Dec. 25, 1998 and was left a full orphan when both of her parents died of AIDS.  After losing both her parents, Shamim was left alone in this world without any hope of a future.  One of her relatives knew Pastor Sam and brought Shamim to the orphan home.  She now has a family, future, and a faithful life.  She is currently in nursing school.


Ronald Nabongoborn Oct. 15, 2000.  Ronald never knew his mother because she died when he was a baby. He was from a Muslim family where his father had many wives, so he was left to be cared for by another one of his father's wives.  There were problems with his stepmothers taking care of him well, so he was brought to an orphan home in his local village where he lived most of his life until he was brought to the Jinja Community Church of Faith orphan home.  He has adjusted well to his new family and he is currently is S3 level of school at St. Peters Secondary School. 

Agnes Kwagalaborn May 17, 2004. Very tragic circumstances brought Agnes to the orphan home. When she was only 3 years of age both her parents died within three days of one another from dog bites. Agnes and her 5-year-old brother were left alone to fend for themselves on the street. For almost five years they lived alone on the streets and ate from the trash heaps to keep themselves alive. Agnes was in very poor health when she was brought to the orphan home and she had lost all hope of a better life.  But now Agnes is healthy and going to school with all of her orphan home family. She is currently in S3 level at St. Peters Secondary School.


Shadia Nakirimaborn Aug. 8, 2004.  Shadia is from a Muslim family and when her mother died, her father's other wives refused to care for her and she was given to the orphan home in 2008.  She and Janet are sisters. She is currently in S3 level at St. Peters Secondary School.


Justine Naworiborn May 20, 2001 in the Namisu Village, Mayuge District.  She has two brothers, but her mother died and their father turned to alcohol.  Her father had no desire to take care of Justine, so she was taken to the orphan home.  Justine is currently in  S4 level of school at St. Peters Secondary School.


Isaac Mukisa born on Jan. 20, 2003 in the Kigandgaloo Village, Bunya District. He has two older brothers, but when his father died, his mother found it too hard to care for him anymore. Isaac took this very hard and found it difficult to adjust to living at the orphan home. He has now calmed down and feels at home with the other children. He is currently in S3 level at St. Peters Secondary School.

Ritah Babiryewas a twin who was born on June 30, 2000 in the village of Nakato.  She was born into terrible living conditions and her twin died from hunger.  When Ritah's father died, her mother could not care for Ritah and her two living brothers.  Ritah was referred to the orphan home where she found a forever family. She is the first orphan to complete the program and graduate from Hotel Management school in late 2021.  She is now fully employed by a hotel in Kampala.


Elijah Kabale born Oct. 10, 2003 in the village of Bugono, Iganga District.  He was left with neighbors when both of his parents died, but the neighbors were unable to care for him and his two siblings.  Elijah has an older brother and a younger sister.  All three of these children were left naked on the side of the road.  Elijah was brought to the orphan home, however the location of his siblings is currently unknown.  He is currently in S2 level at St. Peters Secondary School.


Babra Nampina born Dec. 11, 1999 in Mafubira in the Jinja District.  Her father died when she was 7 years old and her mother had to give her up because she was unable to care for Babra and her 3 other siblings.  Babra's mother used to attend the Jinja Community Church of Faith, so she asked the orphan home to take in Babra.  Babra is one of the oldest children at the home and she has become the mother hen to many of the younger orphans.  She is currently studying social work at Makerere University in Jinja.

Janat Namususwaborn Sept. 11, 2001 in the Nawandegeya District.  Her mother was single, but got remarried and her new husband did not want to care for Janat.  She was very sick when she arrived at the orphan home, but has recovered and is now flourishing.  She is currently studying catering and hotel management in vocational school.  She and Shadia are sisters.


Jamada Isabiryeborn Sept. 14, 2002 in the Kasambira Village, Jinja District.  When both his parents died, he and his two siblings were left with extended family members who could not afford to care for the three children.  He has done very well in the program and is currently in S4 level at St. Peters Secondary school.


Mwajuma Kyakuwaireborn on Sept. 9, 2001 in the Bugoto Village.  When she was 3 years old, her father died and her mother could not care for her and her 3 siblings.  She is the youngest child with 1 older brother and 2 older sisters.  A local Bugoto pastor introduced her mother to Pastor Sam in 2008 and Pastor Sam accepted Mwajuma into the orphan home.  She is currently studying Mass Communications in vocational school.


Steven Ochengi born June 18, 2000.  He has one older sister and one younger sister.  His father died when he was 3 years old and his mother left the three children to get remarried.  He had several health issues and was malnourished when he came to the orphan home.  Now he is big, strong and doing well. He is currently studying Electrical Engineering in vocational school.

Hussein Wepukuluborn April 30, 2004.  Not much is known of Hussein's family history, but he came to the program 2 years ago and Hussein is currently in S2 at St. Peters Secondary School.



Psalm 82: 3-4   “Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy.  Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hands of the wicked.”